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“Live and Work” Sets its Site on Bringing Top Talent to Maine

Our founder, Ed McKersie, really knows how to work a crowd.

That talent served him long before he used it to make the fifty-plus friends and colleagues among us feel welcome at the Portland Country Club in Falmouth last Tuesday night. Our guests were there to celebrate the launch of the website we created to help employers draw top talent to Maine.

LiveandWorkinMaine.com provides the job-applicants these companies seek with the tools needed to explore the rich employment opportunities and quality of life that Maine has to offer. In the cozy corner bar within the club, we could feel the spark of Ed’s idea warm those who had come together to celebrate it. As Live and Work catches fire, we’re looking forward to the much bigger crowd we’ll introduce to the opportunities that abound here in Maine.

Luckily, we’ll have help. Ed took time to thank some of the key players assembled who took Live and Work to launch, many of whom will undoubtedly play a key role in our site’s evolution as well. He began with one of our own, a man who’s been on the Live and Work journey with Ed from the beginning.

As president and owner of Pro Search, Maine’s premier recruiting and staffing company, Ed’s enjoyed the constant support of Dave Vasconcelos, his longtime director of business. Dave has shared Ed’s double-vision for the past several months, as the two have tended to Pro Search business while developing the website that will fuel it—along with so many other Maine enterprises.

Ed knew just who to begin with to get the employer’s perspective he needed to determine the criteria for our site. He thanked Giovani Twigge, chief human resources officer for IDEXX Laboratories, for the kind of perspective that could only come from one of Maine’s largest employers and a company in need of pros poised on technology’s cutting edge. In the early days of our venture, when Ed was focusing only on the need for getting the word out about Maine, it was Giovani who pointed Ed to the person who could solve the problem for him. “You’ll have to do it,” he said. Luckily for all of us at Live and Work, Ed took those words to heart.

He conveyed his thanks to a long list of the others who have helped us launch Live and Work in Maine. Ed cited civic support from Chris Hall, CEO of the Portland Regional Chamber, PR help from Angie Helton of Northeast Media Associates, and the video production services that Nate Bowman provided to create the testimonials we share as Live and Work’s success stories.

He concluded with a heartfelt commendation for the creative partner who helped us bring his vision to life, thanking Taja Dockendorf and her team at Pulp+Wire for the months of development and design work that produced the online gateway that can bring nationwide talent to Maine employers’ doors. And with a final, appropriate note from a guy who understands the human warmth that lies at the heart of any successful business, Ed thanked his wife Melissa for putting up with the single-minded focus it took to get Live and Work off the ground. (The rest of us at Live and Work know just how Melissa feels!)

The crowd buzzed for quite awhile after Ed was done. We talked about our work and home life, conversations that kept the party going and our energy high. It was the kind of rich mix of business and pleasure we enjoy so often here in Maine. With Live and Work in Maine now launched, we look forward to having plenty of new company to share our stories with soon!

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