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Employers: Make Live and Work in Maine Work for Your Recruiting Efforts this Summer

Summer is almost here, and we are set to kick off our first ever, Summer “Visit for a Week, Stay for a Lifetime” vacation reimbursement campaign on Memorial Day weekend. We will be featuring the Visit for a Week, Stay for a Lifetime program on our website, through social media and PR, and through our partnership with the tourism industry. This campaign is designed to engage the millions of talented people who visit Maine each year (in 2015 that number was 33,000,000!).

As this webpage details, this is a completely optional program. We know employers can and will use their discretion on a case by case basis as to whether offering vacation expense reimbursement as a signing bonus is warranted. The amount (if any) an employer chooses to reimburse is wholly their decision, and we make that clear to job seekers.

As part of this campaign, we will be showcasing Maine employers who are supportive of this initiative and willing to participate. Please contact us if you would like to be a featured employer, or if you have any questions at all.

Here’s to a productive – and fun – Summer!

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