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Featured on Examiner.com: Maine wants you to visit… and stay

The state of Maine has launched a business-oriented travel program: they would like you to take your vacation to the eastern state, and move there. As far-fetched as this may sound, the backing of an entrepreneur and corporate partners has made the Live + Work In Maine initiative come to life.

Companies such as L.L. Bean, Tyler Technologies, IDEXX Laboratories, and Eastern Maine Health Systems are all vying for talent. Those traveling to the state and choose to take advantage of the initiative will be reimbursed the cost of their vacation as a signing bonus if they are hired within a year.

“The competition for talent is global and high demand talent has the ability to work and live where they choose,” said Ed McKersie, President of Pro Search, Inc., who conceived of the Live + Work In Maine program. “Maine’s quality of life should be marketed as a competitive advantage.”

McKersie is the Founder and President of Pro Search Inc., a staffing and recruiting firm. Established in 1994 in Portland, the firm is now the largest locally owned (non-franchised) firm of its kind in the State of Maine, with annual sales of over $15 million in 2014.

“By connecting talented people with the resources they need to find employment in Maine, the Live+Work in Maine program helps leverage our state’s way of life with business opportunities that can help result in a stronger economy and a stronger state” says Maine Senator Angus King, partnering the pace of life with scenic surroundings, competitive jobs and unique work environments.

So if planning a move to the East Coast or searching for a job with upward mobility, check out www.liveandworkinmaine.com to have Vacationland work for you.


Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/maine-wants-you-to-visit-and-stay

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