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The Brick Underground Podcast: Escape NYC and move to … Maine?

The Brick Underground Podcast featured us in their latest episode…take a listen to the full podcast below this excerpt:

It’s only been a little over a month since Labor Day, and yet it feels like summer was a whole world away. And for some New Yorkers, the re-entry to city life can best be described as, well, difficult. But what’s the antidote? Fantasizing about your summer vacation helps, especially if the holidays brought you to a place completely different from the city, someplace more relaxed, less stressful, and, yes, easier. Stuck in the subway? Scrolling through your beach and hiking photos can immediately place you back in the middle of your break. (Consider it a form of meditation.) But if it hurts too much to look at your vacation pics, or you simply feel like the city that never sleeps has left you feeling too often like a zombie, maybe it’s time to leave altogether? But where to?

The masterminds behind a marketing campaign we wrote about back in July have an answer: Maine. As Ed McKersie, the president of the recruiting and staffing firm Pro Search who helped conceived the Live and Work in Maine campaign says, the so-called Pine Tree State has many jobs, and can offer New Yorkers one thing many city residents say they struggle to achieve: a work-life balance.

“My pitch to New Yorkers is: You’ll get about three hours of your life back if you move here,” he says. Portland, Maine, where we interviewed him for this podcast back in August, may be especially suited to NYC expats, thanks to its walkable scale and vibrant cultural and dining scene. “We’re an incredible foodie town, we’ve got an incredibly young vibe here, there’s no doubt about it,” he says. “There are different distinct neighborhoods that continue to grow. There are food trucks up by the beach every Sunday so it’s beautiful. The other thing that people underestimate about Portland is the quality of the culture. We’ve got a great orchestra, Merill Auditorium, [Editor’s note: It’s a 1900-seat auditorium that hosts everything from theatre to concerts], world class ballet, [and more].”

Listen in to the entire podcast below:

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