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Hire-A-Vet Campaign

We are proud partners in the Maine Hire-A-Vet Campaign, which seeks to have 100+ Maine employers hire 100+ veterans over a period of 100 days. The 2016 Campaign is well under way, and we are well ahead of our goals – a testament to the engagement and commitment of Maine employers, and recognition that veterans can bring incredible experience and skill to their workforce.

Top 5 Reasons Veterans Should Relocate to Maine

1. Maine does not tax your veteran retirement pension!

2. The Togus VA Hospital is the oldest in the nation! It ranks #2 countrywide for the smallest disability claims backlog and consistently ranks high for quality service and medical wait times.

3. Maine State Government wants to hire YOU! In 2016, the legislature passed a bill that gives all veterans (including those with an Other Than Honorable discharge) who apply for a job in State Government an automatic interview if they meet the minimum qualifications for the job! Gold Star spouses are also eligible for automatic interviews under the new law.

4. Maine’s Annual Hire A Vet Campaign kicks off every Labor Day – promoting the hiring and advancement of veterans to all Maine employers! Link up with veteran employment representatives from around the state…

5. Maine Bureau of Veterans Services recently launched a new website focusing on service members, veterans and their families (SMVF) – with a special Resource Portal highlighting services available to SMVF statewide.

BONUS #6: Click to explore more benefits for veterans living in Maine.

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