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Employers: Post Your Jobs

Our website has been redesigned to include a job board, to help Maine employers attract, retain and grow talent in Maine.

Employers: Start Posting Jobs

What makes our Job Board unique?

We are promoting the Board and jobs posted on it to key audiences we know are more likely to consider a career in Maine:

  1. The 36+ million tourists who visit our state each year. They’ve never been asked to consider a career in Maine – we’re changing that.
  2. The hundreds of thousands of Maine College/University alumni currently living outside of Maine. They spent 4+ years here, and know the quality of life Maine can offer – they’re just waiting for the right opportunity to move back!
  3. College students looking for Internships or their first job out of school. Posted Internship opportunities are featured on Maine college campuses, to attract the talent your organization needs to grow into the future. ~9,000 college students graduate from Maine schools each year – that’s a lot of workforce opportunities!
  4. Current Maine residents looking to grow their career in the state they love.


Employers: Start Posting Jobs

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