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a day in the life       

6:00 AM:

You wake up a little early because you made plans with a friend to grab breakfast at Warren's Waterfront Restaurant. This is one of your favorite spots in town. You order a fresh cup of coffee, eggs benedict, and the two of you split a homemade muffin. 

7:30 AM:

You head to work at Bucksport Regional Health Center, a community healthcare facility dedicated to providing quality medical care to the residents of Bucksport and the surrounding areas. As a registered nurse, you play a crucial role in patient care, providing compassionate and skilled nursing services to those in need.

12:00 PM:

It's your lunch break, and you decide to enjoy a peaceful picnic at Fort Point State Park, a beautiful waterfront park with scenic views of Penobscot Bay. You bring a homemade lunch and spend your break rejuvenating in nature, listening to the waves and feeling the gentle sea breeze.

1:00 PM:

After your break, you return to the health center and continue your work, attending to patients, administering medications, and collaborating with the healthcare team to ensure the well-being of those under your care.

4:30 PM:

As your shift ends, you head to your kid’s soccer game! Your neighbor was so thoughtful and brough them, so you could just head there after work. At the game you are able to chat with some of the other parents. 

6:00 PM:

After a big win, the team all decide ice cream is a MUST! You head over to The Dairy Port with a car filled with sweaty, muddy kiddos who are all recapping the game winning goal.

6:30 PM:

After you get the kids all sugared up on delicious ice cream, you drop them off at your in-laws for a sleepover. It’s nice having family so close by, and the kids love the quality time. 

7:00 PM:

For dinner, you and your partner visit MacLeod's Restaurant, a local establishment known for its delicious seafood dishes and waterfront dining experience. You savor a mouthwatering meal while enjoying the picturesque views of the Penobscot River.

8:30 PM:

Before heading home, you stop by the Bucksport Public Library, where you drop your book in the dropbox. You love having a local library and are thrilled you remembered to return it in time!

9:00 PM:

Back at home, you decide it’s a beautiful night for a fire outside. You settle into a cozy chair with a cup of herbal tea and are mesmorized by the flames. The tranquil ambiance of Bucksport allows you to sit back and unwind from a busy day. 

Living in Bucksport, Maine, as a registered nurse at Bucksport Regional Health Center, you have the opportunity to enjoy locally roasted coffee, work in the healthcare industry, take lunch breaks at Fort Point State Park, stay active at Silver Lake Recreation Area, dine at MacLeod's Restaurant, and explore the literary offerings at Bucksport Public Library. It's a fulfilling and balanced life in a close-knit coastal community.

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