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Blue Marble Geographics

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Blue Marble Geographics is a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and geodetic software company, with products designed for both novice and experienced geospatial professionals. Our products are used worldwide in a variety of industries. Our teams create easy-to-use, yet powerful software solutions and services specifically for geospatial data conversion and analysis, along with a full suite of professional GIS software capable of solving virtually any mapping problems. Our software is available for both the desktop map making user or the software developer that would like to embed our technology in a product or project of their own. Over the years, our customer base has grown to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide and our products are widely regarded as one of the leading software solutions in the GIS industry. We have the privilege of working and collaborating with experts from around the world in GIS, surveying, natural science, software and so much more.

Entry level positions: Yes an entry level Software Developer to assist an in-house development team with supporting, and maintaining our industry standard GIS software tools.

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