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The Holy Donut

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The Holy Donut is a company that has an outstanding reputation for providing top-notch, genuine service while serving the finest Maine Potato Donuts in the world as well as other wholesome products you can feel good about eating. We believe this to our core, and we live it every day, in every shop, with every customer.

However, it's much more than that. Here at The Holy Donut we really provide a nostalgic, wholesome feeling. When our guests come into one of our shops, they feel as though they are stepping back into a time when products were made from scratch with wholesome, simple ingredients every day. They are reminded of a time when genuine hospitality was the norm and when people actually had fun and enjoyed coming to work every day.

Our company was founded by Leigh Kellis - with a desire for amazing donuts, a small fryer, some potatoes (among other ingredients), and a ton of hard work. She started selling wholesale donuts that she'd made in her kitchen and the company has grown from there.

The Holy Donut officially opened for business with our first retail shop on Park Ave in March 2012. In the beginning, it was just our founder, Leigh, her father Alan, her sister Elizabeth, and one employee. Our customers loved us, and our donuts and we grew so quickly that we had to learn how to upscale in a massive way while keeping the same homemade product. We opened a second location on Exchange Street in the Old Port in October 2013. In March 2017, we opened our biggest location on Route 1 in Scarborough.

Seasonal jobs offered: Yes Very flexible schedules - full and part time/year-round and seasonal jobs available.
Entry level positions: Yes

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