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Biddeford School Department

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As Biddeford becomes younger, more diverse, and continues an economic and cultural renaissance, our schools
must also change. We are a caring faculty and staff who want our students to be healthy, balanced, and equipped to compete in post-secondary pursuits. We will improve academic and social-emotional outcomes with a laser-like focus on three foundational
1. We are a leader in student-centered learning in the region. We will not retreat to one-size-fits-all academics

2. We will continue to educate ourselves and our community about serving the whole child, being mindful of trauma and the ravages of substance abuse. We will not ignore--nor excuse--the impact of what happens outside of school

3. We will support all learners. We will not norm our expectations to the population we serve. Those who struggle or
excel will be met, each in their own way.

Internship Program: Yes Student Teacher
Entry level positions: Yes Custodial, Food service and Bus drivers

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