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Our team includes political science and finance wonks, full-stack engineers, and operational experts. We have former college athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and Crossfit cultists. Some are hunters, some are surfers, and some just like hanging out with their family on the weekends.

Some have twenty years of experience, some have 2 months. Some went to the fanciest schools around and worked on Wall Street, some learned on the job and built up deep industry expertise.

Regardless of interests or background, our team is committed to each other and to our companies. We share a deep passion for small businesses of all types and are united by the belief that our best will always lie ahead of us.

Internship Program: Yes Chenmark Holdings is a team of small businesses committed to each other and to the constant pursuit of better. We work with retiring owners and current entrepreneurs to provide liquidity, preserve legacies, and position companies for long-term success. Chenmark companies share a commitment to Chasing Better, Keeping Score, Playing the Long Game, and Putting the Team First. We are seeking a current Junior to intern with our team for the summer of 2022. The position will involve working through a constantly varied mix of challenges related to sales, operations, HR, finance, M&A, and technology, among others. Successful candidates will be able to balance a commitment to long-term value creation with the daily drive needed to make decisions despite incomplete information. Chenmark employees maintain a passion for small business, a significant competitive drive, a willingness to grind, and a deep desire to have a tangible impact on employees, customers, and the community at large. The position is based in Portland, Maine, and will involve travel to our portfolio companies throughout New England. This position offers considerable exposure to senior management and may result in an offer for a job offer upon graduation. Salary and benefits are competitive.

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