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Androscoggin Bank

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Financial Services

Androscoggin Bank, founded in Lewiston, Maine in 1870, is dedicated to serving Maine, its residents and the business community. At so many banks today, clients have been reduced to rows, columns and data and their treatment is often driven by algorithms. We are different. We don't just look at numbers, we look past them. Behind every data set, is a person with values, dreams and ambition. Like our clients, we value relationships.

Our strategy to accomplish this is simple. Attract and empower a rare team of employees who care deeply about each client's story and can deliver the highest level of service every day.

In addition, this community is home. We're passionate about helping Maine's economy thrive and our neighbors succeed. Therefore, we are committed to always having 75% (or more) of our customers located within 50 miles of their primary branch. This commitment ensures that we will continue to focus on cultivating and prioritizing our local relationships for the long term.

Internship Program: Yes Year Round - Finance, Analyst, Banking, Operations, Marketing, HR, Sales Support
Entry level positions: Yes Career tracked positions for recent high school, college and MBA graduates.

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