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Workgroup Technology Partners, Inc.

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Information Technology

Workgroup Technology Partners (WGTECH) was founded in 1995 to fill Northern New England's void for professionals experienced in selling, installing, integrating, and supporting advanced information technology. WGTECH's founder and CEO, Jack Eaton, understood that Maine and Northern New England companies wanted to work with local providers as they built and grew their businesses.

Jack assembled a team of seasoned professionals who understood technology, and built relationships with every major computer hardware, software, and networking developer.

Today, WGTECH offers a complete lifecycle solution. From determining businesses' technology needs, to finding the right solution, to doing what it takes to make it work, Workgroup brings IT together.

The company focuses on value, integrity, and success - WGTECH recommends technology when needed, but also knows how to help businesses maximize current investments. WGTECH stands by its solutions and implementations, and won't walk away from a project until the customer is satisfied. Each WGTECH solution is focused not on technology for technology's sake, but technology that will help your business achieve success.

Headquartered in Westbrook, Maine, WGTECH has seasoned technicians, database administrators, programmers, application developers, project managers, and salespeople on its team versed in virtually every programming language, on virtually every hardware platform, in every discipline, from network to software to hardware.

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