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MaineHousing is an independent authority created by the Legislature in 1969 to address the problems of unsafe, unsuitable, overcrowded, and unaffordable housing. We are governed by a ten-member Board of Commissioners appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate upon the recommendation of the Labor Commerce Research and Economic Development Committee. The Director and the State Treasurer are ex-officio members of the Board.

MaineHousing is Maine’s housing finance agency as well as a public housing authority for those parts of the state without one.

We are a $1.7 billion financial institution.

MaineHousing pays for its operating costs through a combination of resources generated from lending activities and fees paid to us from federal programs that we administer. No State General Fund money is used to pay MaineHousing personnel or operating costs.


Asset Management - Oversees the operations of the thousands of apartment units that
MaineHousing financed or that MaineHousing controls via federal programs, including
ensuring the units meet fiscal and safety standards.

Communications and Planning - Analyzes and prepares data to support division
operations and programs; prepares and distributes public information, markets
MaineHousing and its programs, and answers media inquiries.

Development - Administers a variety of programs to finance development of affordable
housing and ensure its long term viability. They include the Low Income Housing Tax
Credit Program, which leverages approximately $30 million per year in private investment;
development loans, direct development subsidies, and affordable housing tax increment
financing. Some programs finance housing specifically for low and very low income families,
seniors, and people with special needs. Other programs finance housing for lower and
moderate income people.

Energy and Housing Services - Administers the federal Low Income Home Energy
Assistance Program, the federal Department of Energy Weatherization Program, home
repair, and lead abatement programs.

Finance - Oversees the agency’s budget, fulfills financial reporting requirements, coordinates
external audits, services single family, multi-family and home improvement loans, and
distributes the payments to thousands of renters who receive federal housing assistance

Homeless Initiatives - Provides funds to emergency shelters based on collected data, offers
rental assistance to people who are homeless and working toward self-sufficiency, and
coordinates programs to help homeless individuals and families reach permanent housing

Homeownership - Provides low-interest rate loans and other assistance to help make
homeownership affordable, achievable, and sustainable for low to moderate-income
homebuyers. Works with lenders and the real estate community to encourage income-eligible
borrowers to use MaineHousing’s programs.

Housing Choice Voucher - Provides federal Section 8 rental assistance to income-eligible
tenants by subsidizing a portion of their monthly rents and paying it directly to their
landlords. The assistance provided is the difference between what the tenant pays toward
rent (generally 30% to 40% of the household’s adjusted gross income) and the cost of the
rent. Inspects Section 8 units to ensure decent and safe living conditions in accordance with
federal standards. Maintains Housing Referral Service to assist lower-income individuals and
families in their search for affordable housing.

Internal Audit -Acts independently of staff to ensure conformity with state and federal

Treasury - Oversees the sale of MaineHousing bonds and manages investments.
Asset Management – The Asset Management Department ensures that the owners and managers of the affordable housing we finance are meeting their regulatory obligations.

Communications & Planning – The Communications & Planning Department provides research, analysis, communications, and liaison functions, including: market research and program planning, educational materials and website content, submission of federal grants, management of affordable housing tax increment financing, and legislative, media, and constituent relations.

Director – The Director’s Department is the executive office responsible for the day to day operations of MaineHousing.

Human Resources – Human Resources manages recruitment, benefits, compensation, training, and employee relations.

Information Technology – The Information Technology Department is responsible for all of our computer and telephone networks.

Legal Services – The Legal Services Department serves as counsel to MaineHousing.

The mission of MaineHousing is to assist Maine people to obtain and maintain quality affordable housing and services suitable to their housing needs.

All Maine people have the opportunity to live in quality affordable housing.

MaineHousing is the leading provider of affordable housing resources in Maine, helping Maine people to obtain and maintain quality affordable housing. The agency is known for the excellence of its programs and services, responsiveness to customers and partners, efficient and cost-effective delivery of programs and services, and fiscal responsibility. MaineHousing’s employees are known for their competency, passion, and innovative approaches to problem solving.

MaineHousing delivers on its mission in collaboration with a wide array of public and private partners. The agency is responsive, open and transparent in its relationships. The agency is a leader in identifying important housing issues and working with its stakeholders to develop effective solutions.

In carrying out our work we pride ourselves on being:
~Passionate and Committed
~Thoughtful and Caring

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