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Maine Technology Group

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Information Technology

Maine Technology Group is a Maine-based company specializing in guiding organizations throughout New England to implement and leverage technology solutions. We take the typical software purchase a step further by working with customers to fully understand their true needs before recommending the best options available. With over 40 years of collective experience in working with organizations to integrate technology into their existing business environment, MTG has a proven track record of reducing costs, streamlining processes and adding substantive profit back to the bottom line of our customers.

MTG has a unique focus on two different areas of offerings.

Business Solutions - These solutions focus on those various types of businesses that need to minimize the manual or paper process of their business by integrating the right types of software and infrastructure into a proper solution.

Health Care Solutions - These solutions focus on the various types of specialties in Healthcare. With all of the laws and restrictions continuing to evolve within patient care, MTG works with these organizations to properly set up a solution that will maximize their care of their patient while minimizing the cost of a manual process.

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