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Partners Travel Management

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Partners Travel Management provides corporate travel management and agency solutions for small-to-medium sized companies. We focus on developing cost-effective travel solutions for companies and individual travelers without the high fees typically associated to travel management and corporate travel agencies.

We are not industry specific - we work with companies with vastly different business cultures, disciplines, business practices and operating budgets. Some of our best clients are as unique as their businesses and travel needs.

We work globally with a diverse client base in North America, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, France, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Senegal, Benin, Nigeria, India, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, China, Taiwan, New Zealand and many other countries.

Our agency is a member of the Tzell Travel Group.

Specialties: Domestic and international corporate travel for highly mobile individuals and companies, academic institutions, non-profit foundations and educational and cultural foundations, including VIP travelers.

We also specialize in the development, onboarding, and fulfillment of the Concur Travel management system.

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