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Gelato Fiasco

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Joshua Davis and Bruno Tropeano, two guys right out of college, felt that something was amiss. People in Maine created some of the best of everything in the world -- higher education, ships, television doctors, winter boots. But the gelato of which they dreamt could not be found in here in Maine, or elsewhere in the United States.

Josh and Bruno sensed both a responsibility and an opportunity and set off to rediscover the lost art. Imagining a long-forgotten Red Spoon Society of superior gelato artisans, they learned the techniques and practices of the old masters of gelato. They used those techniques as a foundation for creating an even better gelato experience: make lots of creative flavors for discerning guests, serve them in a way that invites discovery and delight, and never compromise on quality.

In 2007, the doors to their first gelato store opened. Josh and Bruno named it Gelato Fiasco as a hedge against trend-pursuers, treasure hunters, and impostors, for only a true food lover, guided by his or her own sense of adventure, would dare enter a store with that name. And as they loved it, they would share with their families and friends, who would share with theirs.

Today, Gelato Fiasco gelato can be found in freezers across the United States. And we still serve guests at two stores: the original Flagship Store in Brunswick, Maine, and a store in the historic Old Port section of Portland, Maine. Wherever it is sold or served, Gelato Fiasco strives to offer bold, intense flavors with a dessert whose commitment to quality and integrity is unmatched.

It's not easy work making this gelato, but it's rewarding work for sure. It takes good people and we're lucky to have a team of good people to work with. We'd love to have you join us. Visit http://jobs.gelatofiasco.com to see current positions, or reach out to us if you think you have a professional skill that we could use on our team.

Seasonal jobs offered: Yes Summer in Maine? We have a job for you!
Internship Program: Yes We have paid internships in several important fields of our business including gelato-making, food science and analysis, sales, marketing, hospitality and supply-chain management.
Entry level positions: Yes Gelato Fiasco is proud to offer several entry-level positions for folks looking to start a career with a company focused on delivering a world-class experience to our customers around the world.

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