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KFI is committed to assisting individuals with disabilities to exercise their choices resulting in growth and personal independence. We support people in their own homes and in typical jobs. We assist each person to become productive and involved in the community in a way that satisfies and enriches both the individual and the community. The personal supports which make this possible are be provided in the most integrated, efficient, compassionate and least intrusive manner possible.
Founded almost 50 years ago as a school for the area's children with intellectual disabilities, KFI has changed and expanded to become a regional provider of services to people with disabilities, recognized and awarded for excellence. Fifty years ago the emphasis was keeping those with significant intellectual disabilities out of institutions; now the effort is in helping people with disabilities become active members of their communities, to live, work and socialize where and how other members of the community do.
We support people in greater Portland, greater Bangor, Lincoln and Millinocket.

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Entry level positions: Yes Community Advocate: Each Community Advocate works an assigned schedule with one or a variety of people over the course of their work week. The primary focus for most community advocates is assisting people to make connections in the community based on their interests, gifts and talents. Day to day errands and routines such as fitness, grocery shopping and laundry may also be part of your job duties. Daily paperwork and weekly staff meetings are also part of the weekly schedule.

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