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Acadia Harvest, Inc.

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Agriculture and Forestry

Acadia Harvest(TM) (AHI) is focused on selling premium marine seafood in a sustainable manner, helping to feed the world's growing population while easing the demand for wild harvests in our oceans. Acadia Harvest Inc.(TM) was formed in early 2011 to develop a land-based, indoor marine fish farm, leveraging novel technologies to enhance Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Two marine biologists, Chris Heinig and Tap Pryor, developed a shared vision for a new Maine-based aquaculture company that would address some of the technological challenges and market opportunities in the aquaculture industry. A few months later, the founders invited business advisor Ed Robinson to become a full partner in the business. To date, we have been successful in winning a series of grants totaling more than $2 million that have allowed us to advance our technologies, while growing fish for market sales.

Entry level positions: Yes We are currently hiring two to three Research Technicians for our alternative feeds R&D program at our Waldoboro facility.

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