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Maine Municipal Association

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What is MMA? Founded in 1937, MMA is a non-profit, non-partisan, voluntary membership organization governed by an Executive Committee, elected from its member municipalities.

Who is MMA? MMA is comprised of a body of approximately 110 professional and dedicated employees whose focus is to provide a diverse array of valuable services to the many municipalities throughout Maine. Our customers are dues paying members for whom we deliver top-notch customer service.

What makes MMA unique? Our unique services and the people who provide it. Our professional staff is organized into operating departments that provide an array of support services and programs including:

o Executive Office ... works with MMA officers and Board of Directors in providing overall leadership and direction for MMA programs as well as coordinating/directing membership activities and relations.

o Advocacy (State & Federal Relations) ... our lobbyists advocate for collective municipal interests and policy development on behalf of local Maine government

o Legal ... our attorneys provide written and phone legal advisory opinions and advice, training, manuals, info packets and may represent municipal interest in litigation

o Communications & Education ... provides trainings, workshops, various publications, surveys, media relations, contract administrative services for Affiliate Group members, manages the lending library & MMA's website

o HR/Personnel &Labor relations ... handle in-house personnel matters, benefits and compensation, municipal labor negotiations, arbitrations, recruitment, testing, HR focused info and training

o Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust (MMEHT) ... manages and administers a group, self-funded program offering health/dental/life/disability & wellness to municipalities and our MMA employees

o Risk Management Services (RMS) ... provides members with pooled self-funded programs including P&C, W/C, and Unemployment, as well as underwriting, claims management, loss control and loss prevention. Nearly one half of MMA's entire workforce works within the realm of RMS!

o Finance, MIS, and Central Services round out the remaining areas of the MMA organization in providing financial, technical, and clerical support and outreach services

Our Mission: Serving the needs of local governments throughout Maine and advocating their common interests at the state and national level.

Our Vision: Local government is the keystone of democracy. MMA exists to assist in meeting the needs of Maine citizens and serving as responsible partners in Maine's intergovernmental system.

MMA values: Cooperation, collaboration and inclusive decision-making, teamwork, reasonable risk-taking, leadership, customer-service, results-oriented work atmosphere, high achievement, ethical standards, cost effectiveness & accountability. We especially value the elected officials, employees, volunteers and MMA staff.

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