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Inbound sales services and efforts are geared towards portraying your brands appropriately and maximizing revenue for your campaigns. Everything from our billing style (we bill as a % of revenue generated) to our agent compensation model (commission based) is designed to align our efforts with the goals of your campaign. Thorough campaign set-up, rigorous training, effective sales management, solid back-end systems and accurate reporting - all must be present in a well run campaign.

Customer Service agents are always ready to assist customers, answer questions and provide an overall complete customer experience. GFM agents are also trained to look for opportunities to "save" order cancellations and reduce returns on your behalf. In many cases, our agents will be able to take a customer service call and actually sell more of your products. Our agents also have the ability to log in directly to your existing CRM or we can house the data for you if needed.

Outbound support offers a ton of value for our clients. We can assign a brand ambassador to your campaign that will perform welcome calls to your new customers and reduce buyer remorse. The ambassador will make follow up calls to existing customers which will increase retention by selling other products that you have available and increase lifetime value by managing customer continuity.

If you are looking to strengthen your back-end customer experience and retain customers longer, consider a customer service center that understands how to communicate with your largest asset - your customers!

Entry level positions: Yes At Great Falls Marketing, you are valued. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, looking for work to get you through college, you haven't decided how to further your education or you are an experienced professional who is looking for a long-term ... Read more Mission: We are an inbound contact center for both sales and customer support. We specialize in health, wellness, and beauty products. Our products range from supplements to beauty devices to exercise equipment and all in the spirit of improving one’s over-all sense of wellness. People call you because they're interested in the products that we sell, this is an inbound center only.

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