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For Employers

Q: How can my organization participate?

1. Create a free Employer Profile, which is our primary tool for marketing the robust employer community here in Maine. It takes about 5 minutes to create, and you don’t have to be currently hiring to create a profile.

2. Create a Job Board Account to post open positions, browse job seeker resumés, and receive applications. We promote and market the Job Board and/or specific job listings nation-wide, but specifically target key groups of people we have identified as being more likely than most to consider Maine in their career plans. This targeting ensures a higher quality of applicants.

3. Help us spread the word that Maine is a great place to live and work! We have stickers, posters, and other swag if you’d like some for your employees or to hand out to customers/clients; feel free to grab our logo and other digital assets to use in a variety of ways, such as:

– Linking to our site on your Careers page, to show potential applicants that in considering your organization for their next career move, they’re getting a world-class benefits package in the quality of life Maine has to offer.

  – Including our logo in your job applicant auto-reply emails, to eliminate that “black hole” of communication, and ensure applicants have a next step in mind if your opportunity doesn’t happen to be a good fit.

– Join us at job fairs, recruiting events, and other national activities – reach out for details and/or requests.

Q: What organizations do you partner with to pull this off?

Our first partners were and are Maine employers - you are our best asset for attracting talent to Maine. We also have a contract with the State of Maine to promote workforce attraction, which enables robust collaborations with key tourism agencies and organizations. Our geographic region homepages are compiled and maintained in partnership with regional Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Organizations, key non-profits, and more. In short, Live and Work in Maine is the vehicle for the message that Maine is a great place to start, keep or relocate your career to – the content therein is shaped and informed by the great work being done by organizations across the state.

For Job Seekers

Q: What is Live and Work in Maine?

Live and Work in Maine is a private-sector initiative designed to increase awareness about the great career opportunities that exist in Maine, and promote the world-class quality of life Mainers enjoy. Our mission is to show the world that in Maine, you can have it all when it comes to quality of life and quality of career.

Q: Ok, so how can Live and Work in Maine help me...you know, live and work in Maine?

There are two action steps you can take:

1. Explore our website to learn more about the geographic regions in Maine, the communities that define them, and the employers which call them home. You’ll find our Instagram feed is full of images showcasing examples of our quality of life, events, and some typical “lunch meetings” from the chairlift.

2. Find a job in Maine by exploring opportunities on our Job Board. You can browse open positions, create a Job Seeker Account to upload your resume, and even apply for a position right then and there. If you find a job and relocate here, be sure and tell us so we can share your story!

Q: What’s the end goal here? Why do you exist?

The data has been clear: Maine is facing a demographic challenge – our population is getting older, and we need a strong workforce to ensure employers continue to thrive into the future. Our initiative is the answer to those challenges, to ensure the private sector, government, community organizations and proud Maine citizens are working together in the most efficient, effective manner possible towards our shared goal.

While we’re focused on attracting new people to Maine, we also work to highlight the many success stories of people who have already made the decision to live and work in Maine. Some have called it our “best kept secret” that so many talented people and companies relocate to Maine for our quality of life...we’re trying to make it the worst kept secret!

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