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Healthcare Jobs in Maine

Maine often conjures up images of a state stuck in time, where technology and innovation have been replaced with the simple luxuries of the outdoors and relaxed living.

But when it comes to healthcare jobs in Maine, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The state’s healthcare industry is fueled by innovation and filled with excitement, opportunity, and most importantly; jobs. From nurses and doctors to admins and programmers, there’s a job for everyone in Maine’s healthcare industry.

Even though Maine is known more for its scenery than its cities, it’s part of what makes the healthcare in Maine so special. With Boston the closest large city to travel to, which can be a many hour drive for those up in Aroostook County, it’s imperative the state have great healthcare systems to take care of their own, and that they do. The two healthcare giants, MaineHealth and Eastern Maine Health Systems, employ tens of thousands of workers all across the state through their networks of hospitals and services.

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But these medical majors are far from the only employers offering healthcare jobs in Maine.  

Smaller services like Martin’s Point Healthcare and Prime Time Healthcare continually ensure the state has ample offerings for medical services. As the state’s population increases, so too will the amount of healthcare professionals needed, opening up the healthcare job market even more, making for an exciting time to be looking for healthcare jobs in Maine.

Interested in the amazing lifestyle and endless opportunity Maine has to offer, but not sure where to start? Take a moment to browse through or healthcare positions on our job board and you just might find your future career path waiting for you!

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