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IT Jobs in Maine

When you picture Maine, images of beautiful scenery, vast wilderness, and beautiful coastal towns are usually the first things that come to mind.

The technology industry? Not so much. But contrary to popular belief, information technology is a widespread industry throughout the state. There are a variety of IT jobs in Maine that not only provide a great career, but come with the benefits of living the comfortable and beautiful Maine lifestyle. From telecommunications and network admins to programming and web development, technical professionals can find many great IT jobs in Maine.

It’s the very reasons that people don’t associate Maine with tech jobs that make it attractive for large technology providers. Maine’s beautiful scenery, access to abundant outdoor activity, fast growing food and craft beer scenes, art and music, and low cost of living make it a much more attractive option for technology providers than the usual metropolitan areas. Companies like WEX, Tyler Technologies, and Systems Engineering provide many people with IT jobs in Maine.

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But it’s not just the tech companies providing these IT jobs in Maine.  

Many other industries have significant need for people to fill a Maine IT job - providers like MaineHealth and Unum have large technology sectors, and large industries like banking and finance, medical groups, large business to business operations and digital marketing companies all have substantial and ongoing needs for internal technology positions.  Not only do they need these positions now, but the future as well as the IT field is only going to get bigger in Maine. As the state’s population continues to increase and more companies move in, more and more businesses will continue to improve their technical infrastructure, creating an even greater demand for technology positions. It’s an exciting time to be looking for IT jobs in Maine.

Interested in our amazing lifestyle and incredible community but worried that finding IT jobs in Maine to continue your career will be a tough endeavor?  Take a moment to browse through our technology positions on our job board and find your future career path waiting for you!

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