Brian Bouchard


Longtime Mainer

How do you spend your time here in Maine?

Hiking, Attending Events, Spending Time with Family.

What do you love about working in Maine?

I love working in my home state, I love being able to make a difference in my community through my work.

What do you love about living in Maine?

Having lived and visited many other states through my military service, I can say confidently that Maine is unique. I find it very hard to describe to someone who has never lived here, but there's just something about watching a summer sunrise in Maine that cannot be equaled anywhere else.

Tell us a bit about your story!

Being born and raised in the great State of Maine, I knew from an early age that Maine meant home. I left the state in 2013 due to enlisting in the United States Army, and always found myself feeling homesick, relying on care packages from loved ones sending Maine treasures such as Whoopie Pies to wherever Uncle Sam sent me. When it came time to hang up my dog tags in 2021, I knew I would be settling my family down in Maine, and chose to move to Northern Maine to be closer to extended family, and to carve out a life from the freedom and opportunity that flows abundantly in Aroostook County. Since moving to The County, I found the profession of Journalism, covering the daily lives and happenings of Aroostook County, to be almost as rewarding as my service to our country. I enjoy being able to learn from and have conversations with individuals with whom, I may never have had the opportunity to speak with.Again, Northern Maine has opportunity for those who seek it. A chance to carve out your own identity, and the freedom to chase your dreams.

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