Lydia Belden


Longtime Mainer

How do you spend your time here in Maine?

I love trying new restaurants/bars and everything in between.

What do you love about working in Maine?

I love that everyone hones in on what their best at to collaborate!

What do you love about living in Maine?

I love that there is always something going on whether it be a pop up at a restaurant or a local art fair.

Tell us a bit about your story!

I grew up in Maine and went to college in Pennsylvania. After graduation, I decided to return and work at O'Maine Studios for a bit before transitioning into the International Education industry. I've always loved food and run a successful Instagram, Portland Eats ME, and continue to do so alongside my full-time position. The travel bug enticed me to work in International Education programs after my study abroad in Amsterdam. I was so fortunate to find something in Maine that I find rewarding and all my colleagues are just as passionate about the work we do!

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