Malik Hall

Athletics and Ministry

New Mainer

Where did you move from and what made you make the move to Maine?

Bates College Head Football Coach 2018-2021.

How do you spend your time here in Maine?

Collaborating with a Civic engagement mindset

What do you love about working in Maine?

The people and the space to imagine a better future for our children and families.

What do you love about living in Maine?

The seasons, and how Mainers embrace Vacationland in each season.

Tell us a bit about your story!

22 years as a College Football Coach, I found myself becoming the first black Head Football Coach in Bates College history. Though I've moved onto becoming an ordained Minister, I find myself using some of the same coaching techniques to relate to people who are in pain. Although, football often can be a physical pain in which most are familiar with; however, there is a social emotional element in pain, and trauma that isn't limited to any one professional field. Today, my coaching consist of Students fighting homelessness, food insecurity, educational resources, addiction and recovery. Co-founding Family Konxious Productions with a former player, Jay Edwards c/o '07' Fordham University. Family Konxious allows us to create a safe space for young adults to find their creative voice in music engineering, artist management, podcast development and or performances. 3rd annual BACK2SCHOOL Event in which we gather community leaders, vendors and artist to encourage students as the ready themselves for a new school year. Each year, we find a gap in the the educational resources in our community. The first year, we recognized students haven't been locked in the house for months due to the pandemic.  Year two, we focused on getting everyone vaccinated and information about the vaccine. As we prepare for year three, we've teamed up with Webb's Market and Community Credit Union Block Party event.  The goal is the same with a bigger and better presentation for our community. We want to Motivate students to Overcome challenges. Visualize success beyond the challenge, and Empower them to become positive productive Mainers.M.O.V.E. Coach Malik Hall

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