Monet Yarnell


Longtime Mainer

How do you spend your time here in Maine?

As often as I can, I'm on the water. Sailing, Canoeing, Swimming.

What do you love about working in Maine?

The ability to work where most people come to retire or vacation. The quality of our everyday lives is hard to compare to other places.

What do you love about living in Maine?

The 4 seasons are incredible, the ability to travel to different areas of Maine and experience the outdoors, it's absolutely vacationland.

Tell us a bit about your story!

After growing up in Western Maine and attending Maine Maritime Academy in Castine -  I had the opportunity to work all over the world as a Professional Mariner. After years of exploration and adventure - I realized just how incredible Maine is, and wanted to find a way to return home. I was given the opportunity to run a charter fleet of boats at a popular marina located in some of the best cruising grounds in the world. I immediately began to develop and harness my entrepreneurship spirit that lives within so many Mainers. After boomerang-ing back to Maine in 2015, I started my own small businesses that developed into owning my own Marketing Agency and Real Estate Firm, Sell 207. My maritime sweetheart and I got married in June 2022 after 13 years of adventuring around the world - and he's now the Captain of the Maine State Ferry from Lincolnville Beach to Islesboro, just a few miles down from our home in Northport, Maine.

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