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Aroostook County

Timeless Beauty in an Endless Land

Wide-open Wilderness • Soulful Solitude • Acadian Cameraderie

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About the region

If you’re looking for a place to really stretch, you’ll find it in Aroostook, a patchwork of ponds and pines so vast, it’s known simply as “the county.” It’s a place big enough to let time travel both ways.

You can take on this natural wonderland at the full-speed of modern life. Hop on an ATV in the summer to explore a thousand miles of trails, or trade it for a snowmobile in winter to trace trails stretching twice as long. You’ll find plenty of storybook towns to stop in and visit along the way as well. They’re stocked with the eateries, shops, and friendly locals who can keep you smiling for however far your journeys take you. And when you’re ready to settle down, Aroostook is a place for planting roots too, with institutions like The Maine School of Science and Mathematics, a STEM-focused school designed to prepare students for leadership in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology.

But the pull of the past is what you’ll feel strongest this far north, with an Acadian culture rich in the French colonist traditions that still spice its stories and food. Or travel even farther back in time by following the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. Every turn of its winding 92-miles of rivers and ponds present another shining scene of the same natural world that’s flourished here for thousands of years.

Towns & cities:

Caribou | Eagle Lake | Fort Fairfield | Fort Kent | Houlton | Island Falls | Madawaska | Presque Isle | Van Buren

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Aroostook County »

I pack for a winter weekend and head towards Maine’s northernmost territory—the County, where the first snowfall of the year is beginning to cover the trails.

As seen in April 2016 Issue
Aroostook County »

As we climb north, way north, snowdrifts deepen and less and less grass peeks up from beneath the frozen landscape. For hours we cruise past woods where the forest is deep green, thick, and vast.

As seen in March 2015 Issue
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