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Maine Highlands

Big, Bold & Beautiful

Peaks & Ponds • Breathtaking Treks • Timber Town Charm

What it's known for:
College Town

About the region

You’ll have to keep your eyes wide open to take in all that the Maine Highlands have to offer. They’re home to Maine’s largest lake, tallest mountain, and the city that serves as the gateway to both.

Moosehead Lake lives up to its name as a hot-spot for spying Maine’s official state-animal star. This island-studded playground is the largest lake east of the Mississippi, and the abundance of wildlife it sports is matched by the hospitality you’ll find in the surrounding towns.

Baxter State Park is the bright green rectangle that shines in the map of region. It’s home to Mt. Katahdin, the state’s crown jewel. This norther terminus of the Appalachian Trail pulls hikers 2200 miles north to a wilderness paradise unlike anything in the East. Take your pick of any of the park’s peaks to tackle, or just travel the logging-era tote-road to a stream or pond to cast a fly or listen for a loon’s call.

When you’re ready for a bit of urban adventure, head for Bangor, the city Thoreau called “a star on the edge of night.” This former timber town has reinvented itself as the commercial and cultural center of eastern and northern Maine. It features a vibrant downtown district, flourishing arts and cultural opportunities, and a rich range of restaurants and shops to explore.

Towns & cities:

Bangor | Greenville | Lincoln | Millinocket | Orono

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Bangor »

My boyfriend Adam and I travel north towards Bangor. I went to school at the University of Maine, so I am excited to be heading back to the area I spent so much time in—this time as an adult.

As seen in October 2016 Issue
Bangor »

Bangor was always our first or last stop on those long road trips.
 It quickly became a destination in itself.For this trip, I pick up my good friend, Heidi, with a familiar feeling of excitement about reaching Bangor.

As seen in October 2015 Issue
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