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About the region

If your heart beats with the ebb and flow of the tides, the Midcoast region is just right for you. Cruise around one awe-inspiring peninsula after another, and you’ll soon see why Maine’s curlicue coast stretches farther than the entire country is wide.

You’ll find plenty of natural treasures tucked into this land’s nooks and crannies, from Reid State Park in the South to Moose Point State Park in the North. And just offshore, the sea sparkles with thousands of islands to sail, motor or paddle around.

Coastal towns like Belfast, Camden, and Brunswick give a clue to just how much the Midcoast has in store for you. Tourists are drawn to trek through Belfast’s historic districts to see how the past still lives in the buildings that serve the bustling town’s needs. Camden’s become a culinary hot-spot for foodies, who can top dinner with a show in the Victorian elegance of the Camden Opera House. And in Brunswick, you’ll find one of Maine’s academic superstars, where Bowdoin College holds the fourth top ranking among national liberal arts colleges.

The smaller towns that dot the Midcoast have their own charms to share, from the brightly colored lobster boats that bob in their harbors to the seafood shacks and shops that circle them. You’ll never discover them all, but trying is part of the fun of living in this beautiful maze of sea and shore.

Towns & cities:

Bath & Phippsburg | Belfast & Searsport | Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor & Southport | Brunswick & Topsham | Camden, Rockport, & Lincolnville | Damariscotta Region | Gerogetown & Arrowsic | Harpswell | Rockland, Thomaston, & St. George Peninsula | Wiscasset

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Boothbay, Damariscotta + Wiscasset

After rainy weather for what feels like weeks, the sun is shining, and I have a case of spring fever. This weekend road trip can’t come fast enough.

As seen in July 2016 Issue
Rockland, Thomaston + Port Clyde »

I always think the midcoast is farther away than it is. It’s an hour and a half from my home in Portland—that’s less time than my former New Jersey-to-New York City commute, and the scenery is a whole lot prettier.

As seen in May 2016 Issue
Rockland, Thomaston + Port Clyde »

My husband Rob and I find our sense of adventure as we chat excitedly about the weekend and head north into the storm.

As seen in May 2015 Issue
Camden + Rockport »

As I drive up I-295 North, the snowflakes are thick, sliding off my windshield and sticking to the roadside. The drive is slow, but there’s something exhilarating about driving north for a weekend of adventure.

As seen in May 2016 Issue
Brunswick + Bath »

My husband, Byron, picks me up at the offices of Maine Media Collective and we take off for our weekend in Brunswick and Bath. This short escapade is just what the doctor ordered.

As seen in April 2016 Issue
Boothbay, Wiscasset + Damariscotta »

I’ve been looking forward to this trip up the coast—far enough to feel “away,” bu t
not a long drive. I’m hoping for a much- needed relaxing weekend to take in the sights and smells of the warmer seasons in Maine.

As seen in July 2015 Issue
Brunswick »

I pick up my traveling companion, Brandon, and we head north on I-295 towards Brunswick—a short 25-mile ride from Portland.

As seen in April 2015 Issue
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