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Our Background

My perspective

Over the years, many people in Maine have talked about the increasing need to recruit talent on a national basis. Since moving to Maine in 1989, I’ve been struck by the fact that most Maine employers believe they are at a competitive disadvantage because of their location. Some employers even talk about moving their operations out of state because they can’t find enough talent who are local or are willing to move here. I believe they have it all wrong…hard to recruit talent have the option to live where they want to live, and if that is part of the decision for people looking at their career options, Maine and the great quality of life we offer, is a competitive advantage.

I helped launch JobsinME.com in 1999, understanding that Maine needed to market itself as a place with a diversity of career opportunities. JobsinME.com continues to be the largest and most successful job site in Maine. But more needs to be done to change the perception that Maine is only a great place to visit.

LiveandWorkinMaine.com was created to showcase Maine’s employment market to job seekers in Maine and throughout the country. While the website is a great resource for all Maine job seekers, it is designed to address the issues important to Maine’s future.

–Ed McKersie,
President, Pro Search, Inc
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The competition for talent is global – and high demand talent has the ability to work and live where they choose. Maine’s quality of life should be marketed as a competitive advantage.

The recruiting landscape

Maine employers recruit and compete for talent nationally. While Maine is well known as a fantastic vacation destination, it is lesser known as a great place to launch or continue your career. We need to engage Job seekers “from away” and present the many career opportunities available to them in Maine. These job seekers want confirmation that Maine is a “thick” employment market, providing options with multiple employers now and in the future. They also want to know that there are career options for their spouse or partner. LiveandWorkinMaine.com provides job seekers with the tools to explore Maine’s employment opportunities AND the quality of life Maine has to offer. In effect, we are creating a community based marketing and awareness effort targeted at the national talent market. Individual employers will continue to market their employment brand and job opportunities through their own websites, job boards, etc. LiveandWorkinMaine.com will increase and enhance these efforts by building a robust directory of Maine employers and invest in a marketing effort to promote Maine’s Employment Brand.

Visit for a Week, Stay for a Lifetime

Behind this tagline is a program that simply tells out of state job seekers “If you take a vacation in Maine, save your receipts. If you are hired by a Maine employer that is part of our network within a year, they might reimburse you for all or part of your vacation as a signing bonus.” This program will be optional for employers, but an important component of the branding.

Maine needs to attract and retain the next generation of talent.

Post-grad and career-starter opportunities

College students and new graduates want to know about internship opportunities and first career options that exist in Maine. Whether they live in Maine and attend school in or out of state, or live away and attend a Maine school, college students know they need the practical work experience gained through internships. LiveandWorkinMaine.com identifies Maine employers who offer internships and/or post graduate career opportunities, so more people can start their careers in Maine.

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