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Family is the Heart of Harbor Fish’s Success

Mike Alfiero takes seafood business personally. Ask Mike Alfiero about his business, and the first thing he’ll talk about is the family that…

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Yankee Spirit Inspires Diversified Growth

Janice Rogers expands on reasons for DC’s broad success' Even though economic opportunities continue to transform Maine, the state’s Yankee roots still run…

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Mid-Maine Business is Ripe at Backyard Farms

Jim Darroch found a plum job promoting Maine-grown tomatoes. My grandfather’s funeral featured a score of stories from the family and friends whose…

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Portland Needs your Vote to be ranked America’s best beachside town

Portland, Maine Makes Coastal Living Happy 4.4 million readers regularly turn to Coastal Living Magazine for insight on North America’s best beachside towns.…

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“Live and Work” Sets its Site on Bringing Top Talent to Maine

Our founder, Ed McKersie, really knows how to work a crowd. That talent served him long before he used it to make the…

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Portland Press Herald: A list of lists praising Portland

The secret got out sometime about a decade ago, it seems, and the rest of the world is now well aware that life is good in Portland, Maine. Here’s a sampling of the wide variety of “Best of” lists that have featured Portland and helped make the city a go-to-there destination for everyone from hipsters to retirees: (more…)

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Maine hospitals shine in national survey

Patient Safety Improvements Remain Sluggish Nationally, but Maine Hospitals Shine: 2015 Hospital Safety Scores Released Maine Hospitals Receive Highest Percentage of A Grades Nationally Demonstrating Key Strides in Protecting Patients from Errors, Accidents, Injuries and Infections. (more…)

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Featured on Portland Press Herald: Who will replace Maine’s aging workforce?

The state faces an impending worker shortage as its baby boom generation begins to retire, and time 
is running out to do something…

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