Ashley Asselin

Marketing Manager

Ashley Asselin is the team’s Marketing Manager. She graduated from Husson in 2018 and was the Marketing Director at a local credit union. Ashley co-created a podcast, Party’s Over, focused on helping people in their 20s navigate life after graduation, alongside her former Husson roommate, Elizabeth Adley. The podcast works to help showcase inspirational individuals, usually from Maine and their stories. The co-hosts interview different guests across the country, but focus strongly on Mainers, with some notable guest including Sabin Lomac from Cousins Maine Lobster ft. on Shark Tank, and Erin Flett, voted “Women to Watch” by MaineBiz. The podcast also works with Maine brands as a way to help advertise and showcase Maine products. Ashley’s personal and career goals are always to help build up and serve places that she cares about. Whether it is volunteering for her hometown high school, serving on Husson’s Alumni board, or helping to showcase all that Maine has to offer for young people, she strives to help give back.