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Are you new to Maine, planning to move here soon, or want to build new connections? We know it is challenging to “find your people” so we’ve compiled some resources that could be helpful.

1. Maine Ambassador Program

What is MAP?

The Maine Ambassador Program (MAP) is a group that connects professionals moving to Maine with those who work and live in here, to help grow a network in Maine. We suggest connecting over a cup of coffee or a beer (or zoom during COVID times).

Who is MAP?

MAP is a committee of PROPEL Portland members that focuses on helping newcomers meet people in Maine. MAP is run by three volunteers Patricia Hasson, Matthew Opuda, and Cait Salzberg. We, along with a community of Mainers, set up time to meet those looking for jobs in Maine, are visiting on vacation or anyone interested in our state to educate what Maine has to offer.

2. The Third Place

Creating An Equitable Quality of Place for Black Mainers

What is The Third Place?

The Third Place is an organizational collaborative and coworking space designed to build community capacity through collective work and cooperative economics for entrepreneurs, community builders, and professionals of African descent.

We bring together individuals with the knowledge, skills, and resources to accentuate the assets and address the gaps in Maine’s Black cultural infrastructure. Our network includes a statewide community of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color mutually invested in improving the quality of place for underrepresented communities.

What is offered?

  • Professional Networking & Sector Organizing

It is important that individuals in the BIPOC community are connected to peers within their field. These connections help to build opportunities for representation and to collectively address issues of racial equity that impact employment and communities of color at large..

We identify individuals who are interested in organizing BIPOC professionals in their field or sector. Sector leaders organize networking opportunities and set priorities for addressing issues of racial equity specific to their field.

  • Community Events

Community social events are the glue that keep the community connected. They provide the opportunity for old friends to meet and individuals new to Maine a chance to build their social network

  • Co-Working

Our coworking suite is the cornerstone of our work. The coworking suite provides access to a safe, affirming environment where individuals can lean on the collective expertise of our members and affiliate organizations.

Throughout the year, we host workshops , community meetings, and social and professional networking events at the suite.

Learn more here.

3. Support Black Owned Maine Businesses

4. Map of Co-Working Spaces

5. Professional Development Groups (Realize Maine Network)

Find a chapter in Portland, Bangor, Lewiston/Auburn, the County, Waterville and Augusta: https://www.mdf.org/leadership-development/realize-maine-network/

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