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One tough part about running your own business can be the feeling like you’re doing it alone, but in Maine you’ve got great company!

Take a look at how some other entrepreneurs who have chosen Maine as the place to start, grow or expand their business are making it work. 

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Entrepreneurship, Brand and Web Design

Kim Schuyler

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Monet Yarnell

Longtime Mainer

Entrepreneurship, Insurance

Ellen Glew

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Venture Capital

Santiago Zindel Mundet Cruz

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Joshua Brister

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we have the entrepreneurial ecosystem to support you

#1 in the nation

For Employment Vitality of Women-Owned Businesses.

The State of Women Owned Businesses, 2019

#1 state

In New England to Start a Business.

Wallethub, 2019


Small Businesses Call Maine Home.

US SBA, 2020

Maine Technology

Whether you’re developing a new software product, or building the state’s next publicly traded company focused on research and development, Maine Technology Institute (MTI) is an asset for you. 

MTI offers grants, loans, equity investments, and services to support Maine’s innovation economy. They support new ideas, products, or methods with the potential to grow and diversify Maine’s economy and increase the number of quality jobs throughout the state through direct support of innovators and through support of programs and infrastructure that encourage innovation.

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Roux Institute - Entrepreneurship

The Roux Institute is reinventing the way universities support entrepreneurs. Northeastern University’s Portland graduate campus offers a variety of founder residency programs, Smart Summits, mentorship, and an entrepreneurship immersion program.

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Maine has the resources, mentors, programs and capital to grow your business.

The startup infrastructure in Maine is extensive but most importantly accessible.

If you’re looking to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem, join Maine Accelerates Growth (MxG).
MxG is a network of organizations committed to building an inclusive ecosystem to support innovators and businesses to scale in Maine and beyond.