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Maine by the Numbers

Don't just take our word for it! The links below give 8 great reasons to call Maine home, sweet home.

1st state with highest percentage of “A-grade” hospitals

Read more from MaineBiz


2nd Best state to live in

Read more from Thrillist


3rd highest state rate of adults with high school education or better

Read more from mainepolicy.org


4th best state for military retirees

Read more from Bangor Daily News


5th safest state to live in

Read more from Movoto


6th best state for women

Read more from Bangor Daily News


7th best state to have a baby

Read more from Today.com


8th highest state in high school rankings

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The Maine Lifestyle

The pace of life is a just a little bit slower here in Maine but that's the way we like it.

Population of 1.344 million (2019)

Read more from United States Census


Almost as big as all of the other five New England States put together

Read more from Maine.gov


America's first chartered town, York in 1641

Read more from Maine.gov


Recognized as one of the most healthful, beautiful and interesting states in the nation

Read more from Maine.gov


155 active, licensed craft breweries in operation

Read more from Maine Brewers Guild


90% of the country's lobster and blueberry supply comes from Maine

Read more from Chowdaheadz.com


Average Summer Temperature is 70 degrees

Read more from Visitmaine.net


Acadia National Park, one of the most visited U.S. National Parks, with over 2 million annual visitors

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Work and Life in Balance

Your days of long commutes to work at job you don't really like are over, when you live in Maine. We Mainer's like to strike a balance between working all the time and actually living our lives. See what Martin Goodendberger had to say about this move to Maine.

Name: Martin Goodendberger | Employer: LabNetwork | Relocated from: San Francisco

Business & Employment

Advance your career, build your business or find your perfect job right here in Maine.

$55,000 was the median household income in 2019

Read more from United States Census


Maine is a top state for women-owned businesses

Read more from MaineBiz


145,536 small businesses

Read more from SBA.gov


4,330 minority owned businesses

Read more from SBA.gov


15,982 veteran owned businesses

Read more from veteranownedbusiness.com


Largest industries - finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing

Read more from Maine Home Connection


$242,316 is the median home price

Read more from Business Insider


Best New England state for starting a business

Read more from MaineBiz


Name: Jason Grower | Employer: Dead River Company | Relocated from: Hawaii

Veterans Wanted

Maine is a great place to move after your military service has ended. Did you know Maine does not tax military retirement pensions? All veterans who apply for a job in State Government get an automatic interview if they meet the minimum qualifications for the job! This law applies to Gold Star spouses as well.

Outdoor Recreation

There is no shortage of fun activities to do in Maine, including fishing, swimming, camping and hiking!

3,500 miles of coastline

Read more from Maine.gov


17 million acres of forestland

Read more from Maine.gov


2,295 square miles of inland water

Read more from Maine.gov


2,000+ coastal islands

Read more from Maine.gov


6,000 lakes and ponds

Read more from Maine.gov


5,100 rivers and streams

Read more from Chowdaheadz.com


25 ski areas

Read more from Visitmaine.net


48 State Parks and Historic Sites

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Learn About Maine

From oceans to mountains and everything in between. Learn more about Maine's different regions and what they have to offer.

Health, Education & Community

From grade A hospitals to the best schools, Maine's got you covered.

Maine Hospitals are Best in the Nation

Read more from Maine Hospital Association


Opportunity Maine Tax Credit reimburses student loans

Read more about the Maine Opportunity Tax Credit


36 hospitals serving communities throughout Maine

Read more from Maine Hospital Association


Home to The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital

Read more from The Barbra Bush Children's Hospital


We have ranked choice voting #leadingtheway

Read more from Maine.gov


We have 9 Public Universities

Read more from Maine.gov


We have 7 Community Colleges

Read more from Maine.gov


We Have 20 Private Colleges

Read more from Maine.gov


Opportunities Abound

Whether you're looking to find a large employer or one of Maine's many small businesses, there are lots of opportunities for everyone.

Name: Tina Hunt | Employer: IDEXX | Relocated from: Indiana

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